What People will Always Remember About You & My Pajama Pants

Started a new job. Husby is away for work. Kid gets sick. Have no childcare. Got childcare. Picked up kids. Kid gets more sick. Feeling EXHAUSTED. Stressed…

But something juicy is waiting for me at home. Something I know is going to make me feel so good, relaxed and calm.

Something that will make me exhale – for the first time that day.


My 5 year old, worn out, stained, ripped at the bottom pajama pants. Yes, its true – as sad as it may be: I COULD NOT WAIT to be in them JUST to get that feeling.


Why am I sharing this? Everyday it is a roller coaster ride as a career-loving mom, and getting into those pajama pants becomes the highlight of my day because of how good and happy they made me feel inside and out.  It signifies my large part of my day was over and it gives feeling of “being home and carefree”  not to mention UBER comfortable.
Pajamas are simple piece of clothing yet brings me so much joy. It always reminds me that  – the simple things in life are what brings us the most joy.

Maya Angelou says it best, ” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I will admit so many times this week I could of said  things, done things to people at work and even to my children in my moments of frustration but stopped and thought of Maya’s Angelou’s words.

Easier said that done…but well worth the effort.

2 Questions for you:

  1. How conscious are you of your own actions and implications of them when interacting with others?
  2. What are the simple things in your own life – like pajama pants you go to in order to feel good?

Yasmin Razack is a Personal + Professional Life Coach who works with women in transition to unlock their limitless potential in all aspects of life. For more information please visit limitlesswomen.ca  or email her at yasmin@limitlesswomen.ca