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What is Limitless Women?

Passion changes everything card. Ink illustration.As a working professional I am always stunned at the overwhelmingly low levels of confidence within women in comparison to their male counterparts.  My frustration quickly transformed into a passion deliberately working to  advance the success of professional women.  I decided to become a Professional and Personal Coach and start Limitless Women (LW) as a personal commitment  to offer women ongoing support and encouragement for the achievement their professional goals.

Our mission is to invite women to engage openly about the challenges they face professionally,  and work together to shatter self-limiting beliefs in order to achieve higher personal goals.

LW works within a framework of acknowledging the system of advantages and disadvantages that power and privilege award to certain groups. With this core understanding of how it can manifest in our confidence, ways of being and limiting beliefs, LW works with women to increase their personal power within to realize their full potential for professional success.

Want to Know More?

For the past 17 years I have worked as a leading  professional with diverse populations in transition,  mostly in higher educational institutions. Currently I am  the Director of the Centre of Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion at Centennial College.  As the Director of GCEI , I work with a team to strategically lead the integration of the principles and practices of an engaged citizenry and college community that reflects the valuing of global citizenship, human rights, and equity and inclusion. This role includes the integration of appropriate curricular/co-curricular programming and policy development. In my position,  I also develop and lead Coaching Skills and Emotional Intelligence Professional Development training for higher education professionals.

photoMy past professional career roles include positions at  University of Toronto, Seneca College,  York University, Harmony Movement and the Wellesley Institute.

As a woman and working mother of two, it is my goal to work with other passionate women in order to ensure our special and unique contributions are valued and integrated in the fabric of the workplace.What makes me different is that this is truly my passion.

As a working professional, I have dedicated my learning to understanding the core fundamentals of self-efficacy and self-actualization in addition to best practices in leadership development. My education and experience are all within a framework of understanding on the impact of our complex identities can have on our professional path fo achievement. Outlined below are selected qualifications to help you understand what I am able to offer in working with you:

  • 12+ years experience as a working professional experience leading teams (including managing people, high performing teams, increasing employee engagement)
  • Professional and Personal Coaching Certificate – Centre for Human Relations, Concordia University
  • Human Capital Development Specialist in Change and Transformation, Neuroscience + Executive Coaching – NueroBusiness Group
  • Master’s of Education – York Univesity
  • Trainer of Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Skills in the Workplace
  • Highly knowledgeable of diverse educational programs that speak to attaining multiple career paths.
  • Work-Life balance enthusiast (please refer to my LW Blog for more info)

Why Does this Matter?

fiveBecause I care. I really do care about the advancement of women from all backgrounds, this passion started very early.  As an International Student Ambassador I began coaching people from countries all over the world on their prospective life path while completing my undergraduate degree. Using education as the catalyst bridging with my understanding of cross-cultural perspectives and ideologies; my passion for fostering respectful relationships grew into advancing leadership competencies through diversity education. Upon graduation I accepted a position as an Account Executive with a Public Relations firm in Mexico City, Mexico. This position allowed put my knowledge and skills of working across cultures in practice while being in a marginal position of not knowing the dominant language or culture. I came back to Canada energized with passion to educate others to both embrace and learn from our differences to become effective leaders.

While completing my Masters of Education I designed, developed and delivered the first Diversity Leadership Certificate Program (DLCP) as the Program Director with the Harmony Movement. The DLCP has since been adopted in 50+ school boards nationwide and internationally.  In my role at Harmony Movement I  taught youth and adult educators on the core fundamentals of leadership within a framework of understanding power, privilege and equity to build inclusive environments.

I began officially working as a Professional Coach in 2007 with the Executive Leadership Certificate Program (ELCP) at the Wellesley Institute. My role was to co-facilitate an intensive change management course to Executive Directors and other leading professionals working in the non-profit sector. This role also included individual one-to-one coaching in order to advance their personal and learning development goals. 

During the ELCP I also worked as a Diversity Officer for Seneca College. In this role I worked as a coach for diverse students who demonstrated difficulty in acquiring and maintaining academic achievement through their award winning Coaching for Success Program.

In 2009, following the birth of my first child I enrolled in the Personal and Professional Coaching Certificate Program at Concordia University while on maternity leave. This year long course consisted of 135 hours of coach-specific training. I was also required to work with a Mentor Coach who worked with me one-on-one by listening to my coaching sessions in order ensure I grasped the fundamentals of effective coaching. The following year, after the birth of my second child, I established my own coaching practice: Limitless Women. Following my coaching certification I also received an additional certification in Human Capital Development Specialist in Change and Transformation, Neuroscience + Executive Coaching with the NeuroBusiness Group. This certification allowed me to learn brain-based insights within a framework of coaching for human transformation.

May you always do what you are afraid to do – Ralph Waldo Emerson