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I was most impressed with Yasmin’s ability to listen attentively. But more importantly, she didn’t just listen she fully understood what my thoughts, hopes, fears, and dreams were – to some extent it was even better than how I understood it for myself! Professional coaching is not about someone telling you what to do with your life, it’s about someone truly listening to you, and helping you to figure out for yourself how you want to live your life.

Kyomi Duncan, 36
Mother of 2
Recruitment Officer, University of Toronto & Body Flow Instructor

Being coached by Yasmin was wonderful. She helped me work out what it was that I wanted to achieve in the different parts of my life and how to make those aspirations come true. It was amazing how she didn’t tell me what I should want or do, but helped me to work out what those things were for myself so that I was invested and on board with it all.

Working with Yasmin was amazing! Her kindness, understanding, and expertise really helped me to work out what my own dreams and potential were, and to achieve them.

Sandy Spence, 25
Occupational Therapist student

Yasmin’s ability to listen, abstract, deconstruct and relate back perspectives from my own life narratives have to this day been some of the most life changing and motivating experiences I’ve ever encountered. She is among the ranks of great minds and eloquent speakers of our time. She’s able to see things that the average person overlooks and her uncanny ability to diplomatically and as supportive as possible tell it like it is has been the reason many women she’s touched throughout her life are living way beyond their constricted paradigm and living the life that they’ve always wanted. (Especially her in depth understanding that women of colour experience in the dominant culture women still rise….)

Mrs. Razack embodies the saying “let your presence automatically liberate others”/”be the change that you want to see in the world”. Yasmin continues to inspire and uplift me…

I really appreciated and looked forward to our sessions together at a time when I was in great need of a good empathetic coach, you guided me with concern, kindness, listened attentively and supported and encouraged me diligently in my time of career transition and other personal obstacles. I felt then that you would make a great life/career coach and I hope that your career is going well, I believe you are in the right field as I could tell that you loved what you do and truly took to heart wanting to help others.

Antionette Stallone

Yasmin Razack has been instrumental in shaping not only my career but other realms of my life. She has been revolutionary in her techniques when providing tips and tools on how to build strong relationships and also how to be an effective parent. Recently Yasmin coached me through a job application process where I was chosen as the successful candidate. I am forever grateful for her ability to share, listen and continually ASSIST me to be a more confident and EMPOWERED women. ENLISTING Yasmin to be your personal coach in your life will enhance and have you go to places BEYOND YOUR DREAMS!!!

Sabrina Razack
Manager of Community Outreach, Pan AM Games
Mother of 2

We all know that we have the potential to do more and sometimes it takes someone with a professional ear, a voice of reason and curiosity to encourage you to respond to your inner voice to follow your dreams.

Carole Sandy, 33
Master's of Education student