5 things I did to get my daughter excited to read again- you won’t believe what happened!

A couple weeks ago I received report cards for my kids. I noticed in 2 categories for reading my daughter received a lower than average score. I tried really hard not to let it bother me, but could not ignore the icky feeling I had in my stomach. For me there were 2 main issues… Read more

What People will Always Remember About You & My Pajama Pants

Started a new job. Husby is away for work. Kid gets sick. Have no childcare. Got childcare. Picked up kids. Kid gets more sick. Feeling EXHAUSTED. Stressed… But something juicy is waiting for me at home. Something I know is going to make me feel so good, relaxed and calm. Something that will make me… Read more

5 Things I Know for Sure About Being Married After 5 Years

I remember the night I met my husband like it was yesterday, the feeling he gave me, the butterflies in my stomach and the excitement in my heart. We connected and began a relationship I had NO idea would turn into: Marriage. My mother called me the day after the wedding when I was still… Read more

5 Things All Women of Colour Leaders Should Do

As a woman who is very much into fashion I decided to click on a link that the Toronto Star featured called, Top 10 Most Stylish Canadian Women . I was curious to look to the diverse styles and female fashionista’s that reflect our cultural mosaic. Instead I clicked through pictures of all white women in… Read more

My 4-year old Taught me 3 Important Lessons Today

I just came home from a long day at work to find my daughter Kamea dutifully colouring a picture with her new sparkly pens from Chapter’s. She was super excited to use them and very much into her drawing when her two-old brother came by and started using them as well. He leaves the cap… Read more